A downloadable game for Windows

In the not so distant future, an engineer in a weapons manufacturing facility developed an unnatural love for the robot who was designed to produce the weapons. When their love affair was found out, she was taken from him and dismantled.

Sad and alone, the engineer took what parts of her he could find, and fused them with his own DNA, creating their love-child...you...Robert McRocketson!

You grew up teased and tormented by your peers, not only because of your parents' strange relationship, but also because of the rocket growing out of your back.

Now, however, you are our only hope against swarms of alien invaders. Defeat as many as you can, and recover the power orbs to put an end to their onslaught.

Install instructions

Download and run the executable file to install the game.


Space - Activate jetpack

A/D - Move left/right

S - Drop through platforms

Mouse - Aim

Mouse 1 - Shoot blasters

Mouse 2 - Fire rockets


Robert McRocketson.exe 53 MB